Design: Rainbow Etching Lotus

Rainbow Etching Lotus

Inspired by my Illuminating Lotus photo, this art piece also has a way of popping off the page with its colorful rainbow outline.

Although I created this piece digitally, the effect reminds me of a type of paper art that I’ve done before:

  • Get a piece of multicolored paper (works best with a stiff paper like card stock, and colors that are attached to the page in a way that won’t easily scratch off – dyed into the paper, printed, marker, colored pencil, etc.)
  • Lightly paint over the paper with a thin and EVEN coat of paint (works best with something that can easily be scratched off like acrylics; dark paints may cover underling color easier than light paints)
  • Let the paint dry
  • CAREFULLY (don’t cut yourself or the paper) use something with an edge to etch a design onto the page.  As you remove thin lines (and/or wider sections) of the paint, the colors underneath will shine through, and your design will have multicolored lines!
  • If these directions inspired you to create something, post a link to it in the comments!  (Even after this becomes an old post, I enjoy hearing from my readers, so don’t be shy!)

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Design: Water Lilies Floating

Some beautiful water lilies float peacefully on the shimmering water.  If you look closely, you can see rainbows reflecting in the ripples of the lake.

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