Always more to learn

No matter how experienced people get with art programs, there is always more to learn.  After using MS Paint for at least 17 years (and other graphics programs before that), I thought I’d learned all that the very basic (but useful) program had to offer.  Then I stumbled upon a new trick the other day that I’d somehow missed.  I’d used the setting of foreground/background colors for the purposes of transparencies when copying and pasting, but I’d never tried using them for a simple recoloring with an eraser.


Cool GIMP Tutorial on naturalistic skin and eye retouching

I stumbled upon a nice tutorial on YouTube by Billy Kerr that shows and explains one person’s process for retouching portrait photographs.  The end result, while pretty, seems a bit unnatural, particularly with how vivid and high gloss he made the eyes.  Still an interesting watch for anyone interested in the process of image editing, or wanting to pick up a few new tricks to try out on their own photos – or just fast-forward to the last few seconds to see the before and after shots.  Check it out!

Guess which was created by the same artist

While checking out my blog traffic statistics, I stumbled across a cool little art-related game on a Korean website that apparently links back to my blog.  You don’t have to be able to read Korean to play (not one of the languages I’ve gotten around to learning so far).  It’s a matching game where you guess which art piece was created by the same artist as the sample provided.  Fun to play with – check it out!