Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Camouflage – Lucky Chameleon

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers.  This week’s challenge is: Camouflage! – my entries for other weeks can be found here.
Lucky Chameleon by Seas Reflecting Starlight

Why “lucky” chameleon, you might ask?  Because she is very lucky to be alive!  While visiting the Big Island, my sister and I found her trapped in a spider’s web.  She had clearly struggled to try to free herself, but had only managed to become extremely tangled in the web, and had broken her tail in multiple places.  By the time we found her, she was nearly dead and seemed to have given up on life.

My sister and I used a pair of tweezers to carefully remove strands of web off of the little chameleon.  It was very painstaking work.  At first, the chameleon winced at our touch, like she was expecting us to hurt her, but she was too weak to struggle more.  Over time, she figured out that we were helping her, and started to trust us.  Once we had removed enough of the spider web that she could open and close her mouth again, the life seemed to start to come back in to her.  Before long, her once nearly lifeless form was happily roaming so much that it was hard to get her to stay still long enough to finish taking off the last few pieces of web!  Her color started coming back, and with it, a new zest for life.  Her hope had been restored.  She seemed so happy to be free , and wanted to move about and explore.  She climbed up and down our arms, and all over the area.  We tried offering her some water, but she wasn’t interested.  When she seemed ready, we released her back into the wild, feeling a lot more confident about her chances than we had when we found her.  This lucky little chameleon had her second chance at life, and she seemed ready to take it head on.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate – Delicate Sunrays

This photo is part of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate – my entries for other weeks can be found here.

Delicate Sunrays

The gentle afternoon sun filters through the trees, setting the garden suddenly ablaze with light and color. The luminous glow of the sunrays is almost surreal as it shimmers across the rocks, bamboo, trees, and other plants – even on the cute little bird peeking out between the rocks.

I was actually working on a different photo shoot when the sun suddenly started peeking through the trees at just the right angle and lit up the whole area with this heavenly glow.  It was a nice change from getting sprinkled on just a few minutes before, but perhaps that was part of why the remaining moisture in the atmosphere seemed to catch the light so beautifully.

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