Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – West Lake Colorful Light-Show

This photo is part of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – my entries for other weeks can be found here.

West Lake Colorful Light-Show by Seas Reflecting Starlight

At dusk along the northern shore of West Lake in Hangzhou China there is a beautiful water show lit up by an array of colored lights.  Right at the waterline there are dozens of little fountain heads that shoot the water high into the air – sometimes 50 feet or more.  The fountains of water change angles as well in a coordinated fashion, making the mist seem to dance across the lake.

Hangzhou is one of my favorite cities in China.  It’s a city that has modernized quite eloquently without loosing its charm or cultural heritage, and while still upholding the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the city.  Even when venturing into the main parts of the city, Hangzhou never quite feels like the large metropolis of over 8 million people that it is – which is part of why I like it.  After spending the day peacefully meandering around West Lake, or exploring temples, tea fields, and museums, the light show is a nice finale.  I easily become memorized by pretty lights.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination – Hope Ascending

This photo is part of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination – my entries for other weeks can be found here.

Hope Ascending

With many dazzling pretty lights abound in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge on Illumination, I decided to focus my entry on one particular kind of beautiful light: inner light.

Not far from the mists of West Lake in Hangzhou, China, clouds of rising incense fill Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺). As Buddhist pilgrims meander through the hilly terrain, a young woman burning incense lifts her gaze with an intense focus and a sense of hope.

Having hope, especially in the midst of dark times, requires a focus on that inner light. Illumination from a Buddhist perspective also comes from within – the inner Buddha-nature of all sentient beings.  Although she may gaze towards the luminous heavens, the light she sees is a reflection of her inner being.

How does hope illuminate your life?


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