creativeLIVE Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2013

There is a class on creativeLIVE that is often cited as a mecca for fine-tuning your photographic techniques.  It is so popular that it has been brought back multiple  times, year after year.  Now the latest version is almost upon us: Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2013 with John Greengo.

I’ll be tuning in to the live broadcast for free for the first time this year on February 18th-22nd.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this course, and am looking forward to seeing what new techniques I can learn.  Even though the class may be called “fundamentals,” like many classes on creativeLIVE, that is just where it starts before going in-depth with advanced aspects of the craft.


creativeLIVE FREE course on Photoshop Advanced Masking tomorrow!

creativeLIVE is offering a free online course on “Photoshop Mastery: Advanced Masking” with instructor Ben Willmore.  I’ve watched his courses before, and he is very knowledgeable and easy to follow.  The course will be broadcast online for free.  DVD copies of the course are also available for a fee.  The course is one day only on January 20th from 8AM – 3PM HST.  In addition to the live streaming of the class, there will also be a chat room.