Aloha!  I’m an artist and photographer living in Hawai’i.  I have a myriad of interests, and this blog will feature multiple different styles of my art and photography on a variety of subjects.  I also describe my artistic endeavors, and post reviews and links to other art related content around the web.

If you have any requests, send me a message – I don’t bite.

All content on this site is © Seas Reflecting Starlight.  All rights reserved.  Please do not steal any of my images, but feel free to link to me.  If you would like prints of my work or other merchandise with my designs, check out my Zazzle stores.

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Words describing me.Created using www.wordle.net

Words describing me.
Created using http://www.wordle.net

Quotes I like:

“We are the artists of our own lives, painting with our thoughts, words and actions. If your thoughts are the paint, your words the brush and your actions the strokes on the canvas of your life…how skilled an artist are you?” Stephanie Mohan


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