Doodling of the Future – In 3D!

“Old fashioned” 2D doodling not enough?  Never fear – the wave of the future is here!  This new pen will literally lift your work right off the page!

I know that I definitely want one of these when they come out.  I’ve dabbled in sculpting in clay before, but it never seems to quite comes out the way I would have drawn it on a page.   Don’t get me wrong – it’s still fun and uniquely beautiful in its own way, but I’m more naturally inclined to brushes and pens (or mice for digital art).   On the other hand, this pen looks like it was designed to function in 3D the same way that other pens function in 2D.  With it, creation seems like a combination of drawing and building 3D models where the pieces are then welded together.  It’ll be fun to see what I cam come up with.  Mind you, I’ll probably burn through the first few bags of plastic on day one, but it’ll be fun ;D

Find out more about the 3Doodler.


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