Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward – Spirited Snail on a Rainy Day

This photo is part of WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward – my entries for other weeks can be found here.

Spirited Snail on a Rainy Day by Seas Reflecting Starlight.

On a rainy day in central China, a snail scooted along an ancient stone wall.  The snail moved with a great sense of purpose, and amazingly fast for a snail.

Even on gloomy “days” of our lives, we need to keep moving forward as best as we are able.  This snail didn’t let the weather get it down – on the contrary, the moisture probably made it easier to move across the wet surface of the stone.  Perhaps that was the silver lining for the snail.

How can you best utilize the day’s circumstances to move forward in your life?


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A few shout-outs to some other entries that I liked:

  • cupkeiki has a beautiful sunset photo taken at the Birthing Stones here on O’ahu.
  • mycaymanianlife shows an unusual perspective of an arching tree trunk.
  • mylifeafterglow shares ducks swimming in parallel, and inviting leaf-strewn paths.
  • suellewellyn2011 looks eyes-to-eye with an adorable little kangaroo.
  • mikehardisty challenges us to be forward-thinking with the (relatively new)technique of HDR photography and the beautiful effects it can have on photos.

What do you think?

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