Surreal Art by a Broken Polaroid

When technology fails, people are often quick to throw out the old and replace it with the newest model. But occasionally the results of such glitches and malfunctions are nothing short of spectacular.  Such is the case of a “broken” Polaroid camera that, while not able to function in the conventional sense, is now able to do something new that the original could not: create abstract and surreal art.  The photos have soft watercolor wash style backgrounds, combined with areas with great detail that really pop.  Many of the detailed areas have a crystal effect.  Part of what is alluring about these photos is that it is impossible to tell what the original subjects might have been – they are completely unique creations unto themselves.  While an article mentions that the photographer has learned how to  get the most out of the specific “defects” that the camera has, the results are always unique and unpredictable.

Click here to see the full gallery of broken Polaroid photos.


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