Review of My Zazzle Mugs

How will you serve your cocoa this season?

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Aloha!  During a recent 40% off mugs sale on Zazzle, I bought a few holiday gifts for my family and friends, with my own photography from my Zazzle store on the mugs.  I was extremely impressed with how beautiful the mugs turned out to be – the quality was even better than I expected.  The photos were all rendered in exquisite high resolution, and were set off nicely by the shimmer of the high gloss finish.

In addition to traditional style mugs, I also bought a travel mug, opting for the stainless silver style.  Since the background isn’t white, not all designs work well on the silver, but I the design I chose was well suited to it.  The travel mugs also have an elegant shimmer, which makes the lanterns in my design glow even more.  The lid fits snugly and doesn’t leak around the edges, however if turned upside down water can leak out through the mouth hole even when twisted closed.

Zazzle travel mug lid

Zazzle travel mug lid

Overall I am quite happy with my purchases, and know that they’ll be a big hit over the holidays.  Bring on the steaming mugs of hot chocolate!


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