Design: Illuminating Lotus

This photo of a pink lotus just radiates with an inner glow. Lotus blossoms have been a symbol of purity throughout Asia for millennia, and have become a symbol for Buddhism. Although lotus plants spring forth from, and have their roots in, the murky depths of the mud, their flowers are always clean and pure. People likewise may have their “roots” in the distractions and attachments of the physical world, but their true nature awaits the opportunity to illuminate from within.

Lotus flowers like this one are a common site at many temples. This particular pink lotus flower was photographed at the Guanyin Temple in Honolulu’s Chinatown (檀香山觀音廟).  Also see the art pieces I did (Rainbow Etching Lotus & Dazzling Glow Lotus) based on this photo.


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4 thoughts on “Design: Illuminating Lotus

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