First Friday Art Gallery Walk

The first Friday of every month can be a fun time to wander down to Honolulu’s Chinatown.  Not only can some great authentic Chinese food be found, but multiple art galleries have open houses which are very nice to stroll through.  The content changes from month to month, and each gallery features different styles and artists, so there is always something interesting for everyone.  I love meandering through galleries, enjoying and being inspired by the art pieces, while soaking in the casual atmosphere and sipping on the subtle flavors of the mint-lemon water that is a popular refreshment and many of the galleries (some also offer stronger drinks for a price).

Last night, one such gallery that I visited was the Louis Pohl Gallery.  There was a certain softness in most of the art pieces, from peaceful beachscapes, to people enjoying halcyon days, and even in boiling volcanoes.  The delicate blend of colors and shapes gave many of the pieces a feeling of familiarity.  This month, they also were giving free Hanafuda lessons and promoting the new Hawai’i-style Hanafuda cards that were designed to introduce a new generation to an old game brought to Hawai’i by Japanese plantation workers.  The game is easy to pick up, and the little “flower cards” (upgraded from the original woodblock by a local artist) are beautiful to behold.

Have any of you been to the art galleries on First Friday?  Where do you like to go and why?


What do you think?

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