Design: Nara Buddha / Nara Daibutsu

This design is based on my photo of the Nara Daibutsu (Large Buddha), one of the largest indoor Buddha statues in the world at 15 meters tall. It is located in Nara, one of the historical capitals of Japan, in Todaiji – a temple that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nara Daibutsu

I love Nara.  It’s only a short train ride from Kyoto, and is a small easily walkable town.  The cute little friendly deer are everywhere, and will eat crackers right out of your hand.  It’s a very picturesque and peaceful setting, that’s also great for a history buff like me who likes to wander around ancient temples, museums, and historical sites.  Nara is a place where you can feed a few deer, visit a great awe-inspiring Buddha so large you cannot even reach his hand, stop to relax under the falling momiji leaves while sipping a nice hot cup of matcha, and still have ample time to stroll through the various winding trails around the town.  It’s a window into the traditional Japan of olden days, without the same modern bustling of nearby Kyoto.


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One thought on “Design: Nara Buddha / Nara Daibutsu

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